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Using the Good Lawyer Scheme, you'll find reliable local Lawyers in Sierra Leone you can trust to conduct your issue competently and who will always have your best interests at heart.

Your lawyer should provide a high standard of service including responding to calls, emails and letters. They should keep you updated about the progress of your case.

Good Lawyer Scheme members CAN!!  We are dedicated and wholly devoted to driving up standards in the Legal Service in Sierra Leone.

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Top five rated lawyers in Sierra Leone.

Your feedback is at the heart of this scheme.  Finding out first hand what you think and having your comments displayed ensures that only good Lawyers appear on this web site.  Email your ideas to us at

Below are 5 of the best feedbacks - Recommended Lawyers this month:



         Barristers-at-Law & Solicitors,  Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys.


           Barrister-at-Law & Solicitor, LLB. HONS, (London University), LLM. (Vanderbilt University).

               18 Pultney Street, Ground Floor, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

            Tel: + 232 (0) 30 950 668;  + 232 (0) 76 950 668



             2.  LAWYER MAURICE J.M. SEISAY

           Barrister-at-Law & Solicitor, LLB. HONS, University of Sierra Leone (USL) BL.

            18 Pultney Street, Ground Floor, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

            Tel: + 232 (0) 77 500 200;  + 232 (0)79 631 949

             Email: /


                3.  LAWYER WALTER NICOL

                    RENNER-THOMAS ASSOCIATES, Barristers & Solicitors

                ADELE CHAMBERS

                12 PULTNEY STREET


                  Tel: + 232 (0) 76 644 294


                    4. LAWYER ABIGAIL SUWU

                    29 Soldier Street, Freetown.

                  Tel: + 232 (0) 33 352 251


                     5.    LAWYER NYLANDER and and Lawyer Hanciles

                       10 Charlotte Street, Freetown.


    We will keep a close eye on their conduct to ensure consumers get a fair deal.

Several reports have been received stating that Lawyer Shears Moses persistently leave clients in the dark and as such fail to meet the fundamental requirement for communication.  Therefore, this firm has been removed from our list of rated lawyers in Sierra Leone. 

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