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Reply Yvonne Cole
8:31 AM on February 15, 2018 

Very disappointed to read this shameful account from a victim who was also given wrong advice.

"** LAWYER JESSE GOODING of FRANCES CLAUDIA WRIGHT, JUSU SHERIFF & GOODINGS, has been removed from our list of rated lawyers in Sierra Leone because of inappropriate and poor treatment of clients. It has been reported that Mr Gooding repeatedly failed to do what he promised as well as withholding clients’ files (lien over his client's documents, against the Rules of Professional Conduct). You cannot, as a result of a client’s serious loss of confidence assert a solicitors' lien or a charging lien, or obtain a charging order without first issuing an itemised bill and delivering same to the client/former client based on a prior solicitor/client agreement/written agreement detailing what exactly you were hired to do). This issue clearly has a negative impact on justice, prejudicing and delaying proceedings."

Reply [email protected]
7:20 PM on August 13, 2014 

Unethical Behaviour in the Sierra Leone judiciary knows no bounds. Pass it on.

We already know that some lawyers in Sierra Leone behave badly but this latest post shocked me. Sharing to warn others of this experience. Let’s not suffer in silence. “We must learn that passively to accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil.” - Martin Luther King Jr.




Beware of unscrupulous characters such as the likes of Lawyer Bernard Eldred Jones of YADA Williams & Associates, Barristers & Solicitors, Freetown, Sierra Leone. This man was employed / instructed to prepare and file contempt proceedings for which he charged Five Million Leones (Le5,000,000) after much negotiation on my part. Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Leones (Le2,500,000) was demanded upfront.

He promised to carry out my instructions within a specified period but to the contrary, he started dillydallying and nothing was done.

Eventually, I demanded my file back and asked for a refund. The refund was refused.

Without making a fuss, I left his 7 Walpole Street office quietly when he called some thugs to threaten me.

God knows how many people have or could potentially fall victim to this Mr Bernard Eldred Jones. Beware.


Reply Yvonne Donna Cole
6:22 PM on September 9, 2012 

Isn’t it astonishing, if not evil, that Sierra Leone’s judiciary is so inefficient? Justice Umu Tejan Jalloh’s tenure appears to be as disappointing as her predecessors. Cases are taking even longer now and judgements withheld throughout the system. Should Judges not be called to account or sacked if they don’t perform their paid duties as required by the constitution?

Reply David Marsh
1:30 AM on July 24, 2012 

Keep up the good work from all your friends at Thank you.

Reply David Marsh
9:00 PM on December 19, 2011 

I have been a victim of corrupt officialdom stemming 42 years upto the present day,our best wishes to victims of corrupt officialdom,your friends at thank you.

Reply anonymous
10:43 AM on July 10, 2011 

This is the internet address dealing with the disgusting corruption at the Sierra Leone port:

It is not surprising to read this account of the rampant theft at the Water Quay.

Reply anonymous
8:58 AM on July 10, 2011 
The Patriotic Vanguard, Sierra Leone News Portal

A devastating experience at Freetown Water Quay


- Tuesday 14 December 2010.

Dear Editor,


The Sierra Leone Water Quay is the most corrupt port in the entire universe; and the APC Governmnet should take a drastic approach and dismiss the entire work force currently said to be managing that place. They are a disgrace to their country and citizens of Sierra Leone and nothing but THIEVES, WORTHLESS, LAWLESS, HOPELESS, USELESS, EVIL,TERRORISTIC ANIMALS AND MENTALLY DISTURBED YAHOOS.


I, Neneh Deen Sesay, live in England with my husband. We have experienced the most devasting, upsetting and frustrating incident ever with Water Quay (the port in Freetown) on 7th December 2010 and we are not exactly sure how to proceed with complaining to the appropriate department that governs the port of Sierra Leone.


As we read your paper online daily to keep up to date with current affairs about Sierra Leone myself and husband thought it necessary to report this matter to you, the editor, and hopefully have the right personnel involved immediately.


We sent a very old 4x4 Toyota Surf to take us from A to B during our stay over the busy Christmas period; as you know at times it’s better to be nearer to loved ones especially during the festive season.


My father and sister went down to the Quay 7/12/10 from 1000hrs in order to release the 4x4 to find it has severely been vandalised and there must have been a possible attempt to burgle the jeep as it took my sister and dad hours looking for it and having to walk round the Quay tirelessly. They then approached the staff and later the jeep was reportedly found slung by the way out through the gate surprisingly.


The drama didn’t stop there as my dad and sister had spent the entire day in the site. It was time to recover the jeep to a place of at least for safety and then it then became apparent the key cannot be located anywhere in the building. The jeep that was drivable, evidently upon receipt of transit papers to Water Quay, is now paralyzed with no batteries in-situ, fog lights detached, side mirrors, automatic release of the windows, tape and speakers had all been forcefully burgled. Not forgetting the fact that the key has got its immobilizer key fob attached to it; therefore the jeep will not be moveable without deactivating the mobilised sensor. What happens now? We are totally bemused and need to forward this to the right department.


Which authorities do we complain to? Everyone here is the Boss or BRA. How on earth in this Democratic Country is such behaviour allowed to happen? The whole lawlessness of this country is becoming unbearable; it’s an absolute mess and needs immediate intervention, more so drastic actions by eradicating the corruption that thrives in that Water Quay. Please help.


Nenneh Deen-Sesay.

Reply Doyle
7:43 AM on July 9, 2011 




Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in Sierra Leone who know the importance of communication?

It is absolutely shocking that I observe Lawyers in Sierra Leone ignore their clients after demanding payment up front. My first lawyers did not keep me informed about my case and as I was’t entirely happy I changed them. The new lawyers are just as unprofessional. Don’t they realise they lose a lot of credibility not communicating with their clients?

Reply krnikkijameso5
8:25 PM on June 16, 2011 
Great site from Karine Haverkamp